Imam Malik (RA)’s strict adherence to the Sunnah and demise

Imam Malik رحمة الله عليه lived in Madina Munawwarah for many years. Out of reverence and respect for Nabi ﷺ, he never relieved himself there. Every time he needed the toilet, he would travel at least three miles out of Madina Munawwarah. He never wore shoes and when asked why, his reply was that he did not want to trample the ground upon which Nabi ﷺ walked.

Financially, life was tough. At one point in his life he had to sell the door of his house, just to get enough money to buy food. Yet he remained there all out of love for Nabi ﷺ, so one can only imagine how greatly he desired to pass away there! His desire was so strong he avoided leaving Madina Munawwarah, out of fear of passing away elsewhere. As time passed and he was blessed with wealth, Hajj became fardh on him. Now he was obliged to leave his beloved city, and with that came the fear of passing away outside of Madina Munawwarah. This made him hesitant to perform Hajj.

One day, he saw an open hand before him in a dream. He informed one of his attendants and sent him to ask Muhammad Ibn Sireen رحمة الله عليه the interpretation. Muhammad رحمة الله عليه had mastered the science of dreams, renowned for his knowledge in this field. Once the dream was narrated to him, he asked, “Whose dream is this?” The attendant responded, “I am not permitted to divulge that.”

But owing to his experience and the depth of his knowledge, Muhammad رحمة الله عليه already knew who saw it. He replied, “No-one besides Imam Malik could have seen this dream. Tell him to read the last ayah of Surah Luqman.” This ayah explains that Allah has knowledge of where we will die and we know not. In other words, leave Madina Munawwarah to make your Hajj, for decree cannot be avoided by staying put in one place.

Imam Malik رحمة الله عليه prepared for Hajj and left. He returned to Madina Munawwarah and passed away there, just as he desired. May Allah have mercy upon his soul. Many of us want to pass away there like him, but that is not in our control. Unfortunately, many of us are not strict followers of the Sunnah like him, thought that is in our control. Following the Sunnah is more important, for we can’t all pass away there and be buried close to Nabi ﷺ, but we can all pass away upon the Sunnah and be close to him in the hereafter. That is the ultimate goal. May we blessed with the tawfiq and acceptance, Aameen.

— Hazrat Ml. Dawood Seedat حفظه الله

Above is an extract from Hazrat’s talk on the 21st night of Ramadan/05.06.18 in Masjid-ut-Taqwa, Pietermaritzburg. To listen to the full talk, please click here.

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