For men/husbands

66 part series: Guidance for a Muslim groom

4 aspects of Marriage


A “real man”

Family and business

Advice given during a Nikaah ceremony

Controlling lustful desires for unmarried men (audio starts from 43 minutes and 49 seconds)

Controlling lustful desires for married men (audio starts from 32 minutes and 43 seconds)

Fantasizing about women (audio starts from 9 minutes)

Story of a Shaikh’s mercy on his wife (Audio starting from 31 minutes)

It is a husbands duty to serve his parents, not his wife’s (audio starts from 35 mins and 55 seconds)

Overlook your wife’s shortcomings (Audio starting from 20 minutes and 43 seconds)

Be patient with her and do not rebuke her if she cannot have children, for it is no fault of her own. To read the article version of this talk, click here.