3 Blessings for a Sincere Saalik

Hazrat Maulana Maseehullah رحمة الله عليه explained in a gathering that if a saalik is sincere, he will be blessed with three things:

1) BASIRAT/INSIGHT: When he makes an intention to reform, the first thing he is blessed with is Basirat. This is given to different people at different levels, as Allah wishes. The effect of this is that his thinking becomes aligned with Shariah. He now thinks with greater consideration of deen. For example, Nabi ﷺ prohibited men from wearing their pants/trousers below the ankle. When the saalik hears this, his reaction is to check within himself first and see if he has this problem. If he is guilty, he will seek guidance on rectifying his wrong. The person without basirat will seek to justify his position, but the saalik will always take the route of precaution and rectify his position. If the saalik has issues with everything, then Allah has not blessed him with basirat due to lack of sincerity.

2) HIDAYAH/GUIDANCE:  After being blessed with basirat and having persevered, he is now blessed with Hidayat. For the saalik, this is the catalyst to make amal. At this point he will still be prone to making mistake, but he perseveres anyway. The tug of war between shaytaan and the saalik will continue, but the chain of love between the saalik and Allah Taala must never break.

3) QURB WA QABOOL/CLOSENESS AND ACCEPTANCE:  Continuous amal with istiqamat regardless of trials and circumstances, bears fruit. This fruit is the third blessing from Allah, Qurb wa Qubool. The saalik now gets very close to Allah. He continues with his amal and Allah accepts him. Allah will now be his guide. At every juncture his gaze will be on Allah. Once this happens and the saalik remains with istiqaamat, humility and sincerity, then there is no end to the heights he can attain in reaching Allah. Allah mentions this succession of events in the Qur’an Shareef; Surah Al-Jaathiya:

هَٰذَا بَصَائِرُ لِلنَّاسِ وَهُدًى وَرَحْمَةٌ لِّقَوْمٍ يُوقِنُونَ

“This Qur’an is enlightenment for mankind and guidance, and a mercy for those who possess firm faith.”

The above is an edited version of a transcript on Hazrat’s website. To view it on Hazrat’s website, please click here

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