3 causes of heedlessness

Shaytan uses one tool to enter a person into sin – that tool is ghaflat. Ghaflat can be translated as negligence, heedlessness or being unmindful of Allah. In the festive month of December, many people fall into a state of ghaflat. This refers to being unmindful of Allah’s gaze. Ghaflat is generated by 3 weaknesses:

?  EXCESSIVE ENGROSSMENT (in dunya) – This happens in abundance in the festive season. Allah grants us barakah in our business and now every businessman is too busy. We cannot allow for the business to start running us. Sometimes, the same businessman who was closing everyday to pray Zuhr in jamat, suddenly stops doing so in this festive period! Why? To get more sales. We should be thanking Allah for the barakah but instead we become ungrateful missing our Zuhr prayer. Allah says that your success is in reading five times Salah. Yet, we cannot seem to understand this. He opens the tap of wealth in festive seasons, we stop praying. So then Allah in His wisdom and kindness, he closes the tap of wealth again because we are destroying ourselves, running after dunya.

?  The medication – dhikrullah and dua. Our Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel رحمه الله used to explain; that true dhikrullah is complying with the hukm of Allah that is directed to us at that time. For example, if a person recites tasbeeh whilst signing an interest deal, he may sound like one doing dhikr. In reality, he is ghafil! At that time, the hukm of Allah is to not sign the contract. This is true dhikrullah.

?  WORRY – Worry is a vacuum, it pulls a person into the depths of depression. Worry happens when we make the dunya our objective. For example, the price of petrol goes up and we wonder how we’ll get by financially. Yet, I don’t see anyone getting thinner. We’re all fine, because life just carried on.

?  The medication – The only way we can get rid of worry, is by turning our gaze to Allah and remembering our home – the aakhirah.

?  FREE TIME – On a free day, we procrastinate thinking we have the whole day to complete our tasks. Thus holidays come and they go. Yet our tasks remain unfulfilled which leads to more mess than we began with.

?  The medication – one must lead a structured life by creating a timetable and sticking to it.

— Hazrat Ml. Dawood Seedat حفظه الله

Above is an extract from Hazrat’s talk in 2016. The full talk has been written down in the book, “Healing a Heedless Heart.” To read the PDF online, please click here.

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