For women/wives

136 part series: Guidance for a Muslim Bride

4 aspects of Marriage

A wife who preferred good character over wealth

It is more virtuous for women to read Salah at home

Advice given during a Nikaah ceremony

The power of women and Hijaab

Who was Ladysmith named after?

Buying a dining room table (audio starts from 44 minutes and 30 seconds)

Modest fashion (audio starts from 7 minutes)

Clothed yet naked (audio starts from 37 minutes and 8 seconds)

Serve your mother in law sincerely (audio starts from 26 minutes)

A woman who only spoke the Quran for 40 years (audio starts from 18 mins and 20 seconds)

The relationship of Hazrat (RA)’s wife and mother (audio starts from 15 min and 41 seconds)

A wife’s worst nightmare (audio starts from 19 minutes and 22 seconds)

Black Friday (audio starts from 13 minutes and 14 seconds)

Hadeeth: Traits of women who won’t enter Jannah (audio starts from 27 mins and 30 secs)

Air hostesses (audio starts from 33 minutes and 58 seconds)

It is a husbands duty to serve his parents, not his wife’s (audio starts from 35 mins & 55 secs)

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