Our Spiritual drought 

One quality of the awliya is crying out of the fear of Allah. This is not the kind of fear you have for your landlord at the end of month, or fear for a predator. The fear of Allah is a positive quality born out of His love. A banda (i.e. a slave of Allah) should have such a loving relationship with Allah, that he will not do anything that angers Him. Any tears shed for other than Allah, are wasted tears. Last night in Pietermaritzburg we had wonderful rainfall. Yet as we left this morning, we came across news that stated “drought is far from over”, because the rain did not fall in the catchment area.

Similarly many people shed tears in this dunya, but they do not fall in the ‘catchment area’. Many people stay awake at night, some engage in haram like gambling and dancing. This is not for the sake of Allah! So it’s a waste of time.

The heart is a recipient of Allah’s love but when we sin, the heart loses connection. To reconnect, we must shed tears first in this dunya, before they turn into blood in the hereafter. The inmates of hell will also cry out of fear but it will be too late. The dunya is the place to cry, so their tears will not fall in the ‘catchment area’, making them wasted tears. Therefore, in order to be rewarded for our turning towards Allah, we must develop a habit of making dua and shedding tears in this dunya.

Currently in our country we are experiencing a serious case of drought. In the worst case scenario it may lead to a loss of crops and perhaps, a loss of lives. But the drought of the heart is far worse and far more detrimental, as it leads to a loss of connection with Allah or in the worst case – a loss of Iman. Thus whilst we are concerned with the drought on land, we must also be concerned with our spiritual drought.

May Allah make grant us tawfiq, aameen.

— Hazrat Maulana Dawood Seedat حفظه الله

The above is an extract from Hazrat’s talk on 21/10/16 in Bethlehem. To listen to the full audio, please click here.


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