Salah is like a fruit

With regards to Salah, Imam Ghazali رحمة الله عليه has said that cleanliness of the clothes and body, is like the outer peel of a fruit. For example, an orange has an outer peel. Inside, each orange segment is covered by a thin skin. Now if a person was to buy an orange and there are marks on the peel, he will assume that the orange is not tasty so he will not buy it. On the other hand, if the outside is unblemished, he will buy it assuming the inside to be tasty.

Just like the orange peel is important, similarly, how we make our Whudu for Salah is very important. Hazrat Ml. Yunus Patel رحمة الله عليه would say that to increase khushu/concentration in Salah, our Whudu must be correct. Thereafter, our clothing is like the skin on each orange segment. We must make an effort to dress in a manner pleasing to Allah. After that, our heart must be sincere. This will beautify our Salah until our Salah becomes perfected from the outside in and from the inside out.

— Hazrat Maulana Dawood Seedat حفظه الله

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