Taraweeh Tips!


  • Taraweeh is Sunnat-e-Muakadah/An emphasized Sunnah. If we miss it, then we have committed a sin.
  • Women should try to pray Esha and Taraweeh Salah as soon as possible. Those women who do not have extra responsibilities, like young children to look after, should try to lengthen the Taraweeh Salah by reading longer Surahs. She she should read Surah Yaseen, Surah Mulk e.t.c. if she is fluent with these Surahs.
  • It is Sunnah to perform the Taraweeh and to complete the Quraan Shareef in Taraweeh. This must be given due importance by emphasizing that attending lectures at different Masaajid, is secondary to completing a Taraweeh Khatam.
  • Takbeer-e-Oola/The first Takbeer of the Salah is very important. We should try to pray Salah in congregation with Takbeer-e-Oola. Those who are guilty of waiting for the Imam to go into Ruku before joining the Salah should stop this, as it is disrespectful to the Quraan Shareef that is being recited.
  • Leave the PPC (Pavement Punchaath Club) for after Ramadan. It is utterly abhorrent that whilst the Quraan Shareef is being recited in Taraweeh, adults find it in their best interest to stand in the parking lot, chatting and puffing on cigarettes. We need to ask ourselves, is this the honour that we afford the Quraan Shareef?

The above is an edited transcript from the website of Hazrat Maulana Dawood Seedat حفظه الله. To view similar transcripts, please click here. To listen to Hazrat’s lectures in Ramadan 2010-2015, please click here.

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