A reality check!

When a person loves an illicit beloved, he becomes mad to serve them. This is because where there’s love, there’s passion and where there’s passion, there’s sacrifice. It is precisely due to this lack of love, passion and sacrifice that we are nothing like the Sahaaba رضي الله عنهم. We have such little love compared to them therefore; we can’t even come close to the sacrifices they made for deen. For example, in the battle of badr the Sahaaba رضي الله عنهم said that Ya Rasulullah ﷺ! Worry not, we will never leave your side like bani Israeel left Musa عليه السلام. we will stand with you and fight with you. This shows their desire to sacrifice for deen.

Most of us have a burning passion for everything in life except deen. When it comes to soccer, no tiredness or problem gets in the way of our game. In every other worldly matter, we are passionate and dedicated.

Come school time, each child goes to school. Thus, the teacher can feel happy knowing the students will attend. This is good but come salah time when the muadhin calls the adhaan, can he feel happy knowing every Muslim in the town will come for prayer? This is not any normal call, this is the call of Allah.

I met a person the other day. He told me, “I’ve stopped going to the masjid for Fajr Salah. It’s so dangerous, criminals are holding people up”. I replied, “you are right. Criminals are holding people up in their businesses/shops too!” People miss Salah, yet they don’t close their shops. Why? Because they say, we need to earn our livelihood, but don’t we need to earn our Jannah too?

We send our children to study deen in madrassas and we rely on madrassas, but shouldn’t we also create a deeni environment at home, making it a way of life for our children to follow? We worry less by convincing ourselves we won’t live til Qiyamah. The reality is, death is our personal Qiyamah. Time is running out, we don’t know when our name will be called. Therefore, we must take deen seriously.

To bring the light of deen into your homes, conduct regular taleems at home. Allocate a time; it doesn’t have to be long. Get the whole family together, if someone can’t make it due to some reason, then start anyway. A family member should read a passage from an Islamic book, loud enough for everyone to hear. There are many books you can read through as a family, pick one of your choice. Once this taleem is done regularly and consistently, a lot of barakah will enter our homes.

This is because Allah’s words have noor in them. This noor will bring a sense of peace and tranquillity within the family home. Thus overtime, you will see the positive effects of this taleem in yourself and your family. Children, for example, are sharp ones. They pick up very quickly. If we conduct these taleems, you will see how your child becomes a police at home. Meaning even when you do a little wrong they will point it out; highlighting the awareness of deen a child develops through taleem.

Furthermore, we should consciously work on building love for Allah in our hearts. The only lasting, real love is the love between Allah and his slave. Every other love will come to an end. May Allah grant us ability to give up our sins Aameen. O Allah! May our hearts beat with your name and may our minds be engrossed in your thought. Aameen.

– Hazrat Maulana Dawood Seedat حفظه الله

Above is an extract from Hazrat’s talk on 24/12/2015 in Kroonstad. To listen to the full audio, please click here.

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