Lessons from the life of Ml. Yunus Patel (RA)

As a senior Khalifa and associate of Hazrat Ml. Yunus (RA), Hazrat Ml. Dawood (DB) was blessed with the opportunity to spend a lot of time in his company. This close companionship gave Hazrat (DB) a unique insight into the character, piety, humility, and wisdom of Hazrat (RA).

Hazrat (RA) passed away before the Ka’bah in 2011 but his teachings continue to touch the hearts of many. Since then, Hazrat (DB) has shared some of his personal experiences with Hazrat (RA) in his talks. We have listed some below. To listen, please click on the titles. Thereafter, skip to the timings mentioned.

They are just everyday examples of what Hazrat (RA) would say, do or how he would react to a particular situation. Some of the audios below are of a different nature and highlight the talluq between both Shuyookh instead. From these examples, we can draw lessons on how to practically live our lives in accordance to the Shariah. 

We will continue to update this page regularly inshaAllah.



Why quote Akaabireen when we have Ahadeeth? (audio starts from 5 mins and 42 seconds)

Morning walks in Mitchell Park, Durban (audio starts from 10 minutes)

An incident in Pakistan (audio starts from 31 minutes and 52 seconds)

Sincerity (audio starts from 23 minutes and 45 seconds)

Air hostesses (audio starts from 33 minutes and 58 seconds)

Holiday season (audio starts from 19 minutes and 53 seconds)

A poetic tribute to Hazrat (RA) (audio starts from 15 minutes and 18 seconds)

Courteousness towards women hosting guests (audio starts from 15 mins and 22 seconds)

Advice to an aspiring hollywood actress (audio starts from 30 minutes and 41 seconds)

His mercy on hawkers (audio starts from 44 minutes and 05 seconds)

Playing with children (audio starts from 47 minutes and 53 seconds)

Hazrat (RA)’s encounter with Haji Bhai Padia (RA) (audio starts from 8 mins and 23 seconds)

2 outstanding qualities in Hazrat (RA)

Giving gifts (audio starts from 10 minutes and 29 seconds)

Dream of his death (audio starts from 43 minutes and 41 seconds)

Giving bayah to a Shaikh (audio starts from 3 minutes and 26 seconds)

An incident when Hazrat (RA) advised Hazrat (DB) to take bayah to Hazrat Ml. Shah Hakeem Akhtar (RA) instead.

Contentment with Decree (audio starts from 9 minutes and 55 seconds)

The contentment with decree Hazrat (RA) showed when he was diagnosed with heart problems and suffered heart attacks as a result.

Hazrat (RA)’s Dawah at the airport (audio starts from 16 minutes and 08 seconds)

Hazrat (DB) recites poetry and explains the impact of good character. He then speaks of Hazrat (RA) and how his honesty at an airport caused someone to revert.

Another airport incident (audio starts from 13 minutes and 09 seconds)

Follow the advice of your Shaikh (audio starts from 29 minutes)

When Hazrat (DB) wanted to go Umrah and his wife wanted to buy a house, Hazrat (RA) advised buying a house. They followed and that was the best outcome.

The maids of Hazrat (RA) (audio starts from 35 mins and 56 seconds)

Hazrat (RA)’s 13 or 14 maids in Durban, and how they all reverted to Islam due to Hazrat’s good character.

Honour comes from Allah (audio starts from 13 minutes)

Allah made the death of Hazrat (RA) well-known to show us that any servant can receive honour if He is close to Allah.

Checking the heart (audio starts from 17 minutes and 26 seconds)

Hazrat (RA)’s response to a businessman who was speaking of his wealth.

Connection with Allah  (audio starts from 35 minutes and 46 seconds)

The random and strange yet insightful comments, remarks and experiences of Hazrat (RA) that indicated His close bond with Allah.