The final moments of Hazrat Ml. Yunus Patel (RA)

Grave of Hazrat (RA)

Below is an unedited article written by the son of Hazrat (RA). It details Hazrat (RA)’s last few moments and actions before passing away. May Allah have mercy on him, Aameen. 

Many of us had the good fortune of witnessing Hazrat (RA) performing salaah in the musjid, whilst some had the good fortune of witnessing Hazrat (RA) performing salaah at home, the madrassa or at times whilst he was on safar and had few or no other commitments at that time. In all these cases Hazrat (RA) would perform salaah with so much humility and his ruku and sujood would at times be so long that one would think that hazrat’s mind was absent from Salaah.

However his level of devotion was so intense that one would come to the conclusion that Hazrat (RA) was practising on the hadeeth of performing ones salaah as if it is the last. Hazrat (RA)’s character was such that the rich and the poor together vied for his attention and the poor till today say that Hazrat (RA) took out his time for us and never shun us even though we came daily with our problems to him and sometimes late at night.

Hazrat (RA) would even attend to some calls and problems after midnight as he was concerned about the ummat of Nabi ﷺ. We have lost that personality and only Allah knows when we will get another man of this calibre in our midst. In this issue of An Noor we will commence with the last moments of Hazrat (RA) and my experience with Hazrat (RA) in the last few hours of his safar (travel) in this world.

Alhamdulillah with the fazal (bounty) and karam (benevolence) of Allah I together with my family were afforded the opportunity to perform the last umra with my beloved father Hz Ml Yunus Patel (RA). Hazrat (RA) had many bashaarats of his meeting with Allah Ta’aala being
close by dreams of people seeing him with Nabi kareem ﷺ and Nabi ﷺ receiving him or welcoming him or informing him that their time for being united was very close. This is the mafhoom or rather interpretation of the dream as the dream was a detailed and lengthy one.

The above dream was in his inbox from a person who was in contact with him and was a mureed as well. This message was retrieved by me while I was in Makkah and a few hours after his janaaza. Just prior to Hazrat (RA)’s demise he came with my son Ahmed to see a mureed of his (Zaheer Vorajee) who was not well as he was very close to Hazrat (RA) and was in Hazrat (RA)’s khidmat.

Hazrat (RA) then came to an apartment in which a close friend of his and mine were staying and visited for a short while after Asr with his grandson Ahmed Patel (my son) who was with him fulltime on this trip. Hazrat (RA) came into the room knowing that I was there and said he had come to visit us. We offered him some fruit which he ate and also gave some advice. The advices that were given were very simple, yet beautiful.

1) Never ever accuse or put any allegations on anyone even if you feel there is proof, as you could be wrong and end up in such a condition that you might regret.
2) Always keep the mouth clean from impurities as the name of Allah is taken from the very same mouth.
3) Keep your tongue moist with the zikr of Allah and abundant recitation of durood on Nabi ﷺ.
4) Always keep a smile on your face and be humble to all, including the beggars, especially in Haramain Sharifain.

From this room he went with my son Ahmed to his daughter’s room (wife of Mohammed Essack from PE) and spent few minutes there and had some fruit there as well. He then went to his room to make a fresh Wudhu and partake of his last small meal. From there Hazrat (RA) made his way towards the Haram to perform tawaaf . As it was routine to give everyone a chance to push Hazrat (RA), all or most of those present in that last tawaaf were afforded this opportunity in which Hazrat (RA) would lift his hand and make special duaa for those people who pushed him on the wheelchair.

He called for my other 2 children to join him for this last tawaaf as he must have known that this might have been his last tawaaf. On the last 2 rounds Hazrat (RA) said that I should push him only and he had his hand up in duaa right till the end of the tawaaf. After tawaaf Hazrat (RA) went behind the Hateem and made dua as it was after Asr and the 2 rakaats waajib-ut-tawaaf had to be read after Maghrib sets in. After the dua Hazrat (RA) walked towards the aircon section and then made a u-turn towards the mataaf and told his companions to make 2 rows instead of one long row, so as to make it easy for the people to pass.

Consideration for others were always first on Hazrat (RA)’s mind. Hazrat (RA) sat till the Azaan of Maghrib then read 2 rakaats waajib-uttawaaf and then Maghrib Salaah behind the Imam. Hazrat (RA) also drank a few cups of Zam-zam between the Tawaaf and Maghrib salaah. (Infact at the time of sakaraat Zam zam was placed in Hazrat (RA)’s mouth and a few drops went down Alhamdulillah. We realise from this that whatever sustenance is destined for us we will most certainly get it. Hazrat (RA) was not a big eater yet on the last day of his life in a short space of time he ate food, fruits, drank tea and also quenched his thirst with zam zam).

After Salaah Hazrat (RA) read his sunnat and when he turned around to walk towards the back; as the crowd was building up for tawaaf; he met someone and the moment he shook his hand he suddenly turned towards the qibla and sat down. After seeing this, I, together with those around Hazrat (RA) rushed to his aid. We seated him on his chair and he asked for his wheelchair. I asked him whether I should massage him as his neck and shoulder were very tight the previous day before umra. Hazrat (RA) agreed and I began massaging his shoulders. Then came a Dr Ashraf who made salaam and he says he could feel the pulse getting weak.

Hazrat (RA) engaged himself in dua while I was pressing his shoulders. Dr Kadwa who was full time with Hazrat (RA) suddenly told me to pick up Hazrat (RA)’s legs as he could now see that Hazrat (RA) was in some kind of sakaraat and in duaa at the same time. As we picked up Hazrat (RA) leg, Hazrat (RA) began to fall back. We then moved the chair and layed Hazrat (RA) down.

During this process Hazrat (RA)’s hand dropped from dua and Hazrat (RA)’s gaze was only on the Kaaba Sharif and beyond. Kalima had been recited and Hazrat (RA)’s lips were moving as the kalima was being recited. Hazrat (RA) passed away in my lap and for me this was a great honour as he was a great wali of Allah. In short, these were the last moments as it is too painful to give the full experience. Hazrat (RA) was taken to the haram hospital in which he was pronounced in beautiful words (became beloved to Allah).

Funeral arrangements were made whilst Hazrat (RA) was gone to the main hospital and for ghusal. A beautiful and radiant smile was seen and witnessed by all those who were present and partook in the ghusal. Those who work at the ghusal khaana and were involved in the gusal process said that this was a very rare sight and this man lying here is definetly a friend of Allah.

Janaaza Salaah was performed by Sheikh Shuraim and alhamdulillah I was afforded the golden opportunity together with my brother in law Mohammed Essack and hajee Mamoor from Makkah to go down in the qabr.

We make dua that Allah gives us a beautiful death like my beloved father (RA). Aameen. Please do take out the time to read sura ikhlaas 3 times and send sawaab to Hazrat (RA) and all akaabireen, marhoomeen and even those who are living.

— Hazrat Ml. Hafiz Muhammad Patel حفظه الله

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