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Valentine’s day

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Valentine’s day has no rooting in Islam. It has nothing to do with deen, but it has everything to do with shirk. Its origins are soaked in shirk. In adherence to modern customs, many Muslims ignore this and choose to celebrate it anyway. Some men argue that I do not have an illicit beloved therefore I am not doing anything haraam, I am merely taking my wife out for dinner. How can this be wrong? My wife is my Valentine’s.

Some womenfolk are also guilty (of encouraging husbands to recognise and celebrate Valentine’s day). They know a man very conveniently forgets these dates because it is expensive for them. Womenfolk are sharp. They remind their men with subtle hints such as putting the volume up when Valentine’s is spoken about on the radio. Or if there is a newspaper with an article on Valentine’s day, she puts that newspaper in his way to ensure that he sees it. On the day she may ask him, “What is the date today?” so that in case he forgot, he can still make last minute arrangements.

This is all Shaytan’s plot. Allah has permitted and encouraged us to show love everyday, why choose this day specifically? The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said that whoever resembles a nation, he will be counted from amongst them.

Therefore, if we anticipate Valentine’s day and encourage the public sin by celebrating ourselves, we will be counted amongst those who invented it on the Day of Judgement. Do we really want this? If the founder of Valentine’s day died upon disbelief, the doors of Jannah will not open for him. Do we actually want to follow his footsteps in the hereafter?

Look into the history of Valentine’s and you will find filthy customs took place on this day. It has links to Christianity and polytheism. Therefore, those men who are intending to impress their wives on this day and those women who are expecting their husbands to impress them, should make tawba (i.e. repent).

Remember, a believer must make sabr. And a part of making sabr is to stay very far away from that which has nothing to do with deen. And Valentine’s is definitely one of them.

May Allah safeguard us, Aameen.

— Hazrat Maulana Dawood Seedat حفظه الله

The above is a transcript of Hazrat’s short lecture on Valentine’s day. To listen to that short audio clip, please click here.

Our Spiritual drought 


One quality of the awliya is crying out of the fear of Allah ﷻ. This is not the kind of fear you have for your landlord at the end of month, or fear for a predator. The fear of Allah ﷻ is a positive quality born out of His love. A banda (i.e. a slave of Allah ﷻ) should have such a loving relationship with Allah ﷻ, that he will not do anything that angers Him. Any tears shed for other than Allah ﷻ, are wasted tears. Last night in Pietermaritzburg we had wonderful rainfall. Yet as we left this morning, we came across news that stated “drought is far from over”, because the rain did not fall in the catchment area.

Similarly many people shed tears in this dunya, but they do not fall in the ‘catchment area’. Many people stay awake at night, some engage in haram like gambling and dancing. This is not for the sake of Allah ﷻ! So it’s a waste of time.

The heart is a recipient of Allah’s love but when we sin, the heart loses connection. To reconnect, we must shed tears first in this dunya, before they turn into blood in the hereafter. The inmates of hell will also cry out of fear but it will be too late. The dunya is the place to cry, so their tears will not fall in the ‘catchment area’, making them wasted tears.
Therefore in order to be rewarded for our turning towards Allah ﷻ, we must develop a habit of making dua and shedding tears in this dunya.

Currently in our country we are experiencing a serious case of drought. In the worst case scenario it may lead to a loss of crops and perhaps, a loss of lives. But the drought of the heart is far worse and far more detrimental, as it leads to a loss of connection with Allah ﷻ or in the worst case – a loss of Iman. Thus whilst we are concerned with the drought on land, we must also be concerned with our spiritual drought.

May Allah ﷻ make grant us tawfiq, aameen.

— Hazrat Maulana Dawood Seedat حفظه الله

(The above is an extract from a lecture delivered by Hazrat on 21/10/16 in Bethlehem. To listen to the full audio, please click here.)


“Rejecting gifts from God”: The worries of a Medical Student


(Below is an extract from an upcoming book of Hazrat’s called letters of the seekers. Hazrat receives letters on a regular basis in which people seek advice on personal matters and we felt Hazrat’s wise responses would be of benefit to the wider public. Therefore we are currently gathering a small selection of these letters in this book to be published soon inshaAllah. For the sake of privacy and confidentiality, each letter was completely depersonalised before being sent to us for inclusion. We request you to make dua for its completion. JazakAllah u khair)

Asalamu alaikum. I am a 6th year medical student in university. I read a couple of books and saw some lectures on YouTube and I finally understood the reason why we are created. But even after reaching the conclusion that God creating us is a gift and eventually he will reward the righteous ones, I still can’t feel a desire to be rewarded with paradise. I don’t live a sinful life because I just don’t want to, not because of the fear of punishment. I don’t want to do anything at all and I don’t want to exist.

I politely reject his gift of being tested on earth and then rewarded in paradise. It is okay to reject someone’s gift without offending them, right? Some time ago I carried on living because I wanted him to be proud of me when I finally see him. But lately, even that desire vanished like giving up on trying to impress a parent or competing for someone’s approval. I can’t stop thinking about death and I want to put an end to my useless existence. I would greatly appreciate it if you could reply with an answer to my thinking problem. Thank you. 

Waalaikumsalaam, May Allah ﷻ make you successful in your studies, use you to benefit mankind and bless you with the best of both worlds, Aameen. Alhamdulillah, at least you were blessed to realise the reason we have been created. Many people go through life without this realisation ever dawning upon them.

You seem to be a person who looks at things very realistically, so let us analyse your thinking problem in the same way.

  1. You don’t feel the desire to be rewarded and neither do you fear hell. However, at the same time you don’t live a sinful life. Regarding this challenge, already half your battle is won as you don’t live a sinful life. Now all we have to do is find the motivation to be righteous for the pleasure of Allah ﷻ, which we will address later on.
  1. You don’t want to exist. Regarding this, there isn’t any choice. You do already exist and the only way to put an end to this existence is suicide, which is not even an option. Allah ﷻ has warned us of a severe punishment for the one who commits suicide. Now on the one hand you may not fear this, but why chance it and why choose punishment for yourself, when you could save yourself from it?
  1. It is ok to refuse a gift in a nice way. However this isn’t about refusing a gift. This is about the rules that the Almighty has laid down. We will be rewarded or punished in accordance to our compliance or non compliance of His commands and rules.
  1. You have given up on trying to make Allah ﷻ proud of you, just like one who loses the drive of trying to impress a parent. This can also be remedied, just like many disobedient, uncaring children drastically changed their lives, becoming the most obedient and caring children.
  1. You say you can’t stop thinking about death. This is a very good thing. Nabi Muhammad صلى الله علىه وسلم has exhorted us to think of death often, as this will assist us in giving up impermissible deeds.

Now you may be thinking; why should I live a righteous life and be rewarded if I do, or subjected to punishment if I don’t, when I never opted for all of this? Let’s look at your situation by means of 2 examples:

Example 1 – A doctor is employed by a hospital and has to see to the patients. One day, if the doctor just loses motivation to see to the patients and he neglects his duties, he will definitely face some disciplinary action or hearing. Now if he says to them, you can keep your salary but I just don’t feel like working anymore, the hospital will dismiss him. He will then face the difficulties of unemployment.

Now at this stage, he cannot argue that why am I being reprimanded or penalised for how I feel, because his unemployment is due to his own fault. On the other hand, if the doctor very diligently continues his duties even though he lacks motivation, not only will he continue receiving his salary and perks, he may also get a promotion and enjoy even more benefits. Now despite him not really enjoying what he is doing, he is still receiving benefits.

In the same way, we humans go through different phases and emotions in our lives. We will not be taken to task for this as long as whatever the situation is, we comply with what our Allah ﷻ wants of us. We are the creation of our Creator therefore, we are not in a position to question His authority or question His rules. He will make the rules and our function is to comply. As long as we comply we will be fine.

Example 2 – You wake up one night and find yourself in a cave. You didn’t ask for this but you are there. In front of you is a paper with some information and guidelines. It reads that further in the cave, there are some dangerous creatures that have already perceived your presence here, and are advancing towards you. Your only route to salvation is to immediately make your way to the entrance of the cave. Once you reach the outside, you will be taken to safety.

Now you can sit there and argue that why should I move? I never asked to be here in the first place. I would like to just sit here or be nonexistent. Who wants to be taken to safety? I politely refuse this offer of being taken to safety. Now you yourself will agree that at this point, these arguments are futile and if you go on like this, it will lead to your destruction once those creatures reach you. Now even though you may not fear those creatures and what they could do to you, it is still a foolish choice to remain there, when there is a way to save yourself and be protected.

Bring this example to our lives. We find ourselves in this cave called “Planet Earth” and we are being told by our Allah ﷻ that death is on its way to us. However, if we follow certain commands and abstain from certain prohibitions, our Allah ﷻ will take us to the hereafter with safety and bless us with eternal bliss. On the other hand if we fail to comply, we will be punished. Now the choice is ours. We can either argue or try to rationalise, or we can accept, comply and work towards our salvation.

You are an intelligent person and I am confident that with Allah’s help, you will make the correct choice. In order to motivate yourself try to listen to more talks on deen. Read some good Islamic Literature and keep good company. Try and pray to Allah ﷻ daily. Speak to Allah ﷻ and ask Him to remove all the negativity and guide you to Him. Please pray for me as well. I hope that there will be some benefit in this correspondence. If ever there is anything else, please feel free to correspond.

May Allah ﷻ bless you and your family with the best of both worlds, Aameen. Please remember me in your duas.


(Hazrat Maulana) Dawood Seedat (حفظه الله)