Below are some short reminders by Hazrat. There are many here so if you are looking for a reminder on a specific topic, utilise the search bar on the homepage. This page will be updated regularly inshaAllah.

  1. Allah looks for little excuses to forgive us, rather than look for little mistakes to punish us.
  2. Everyone has a test in life – some just handle it with radha bil qadha (contentment with decree), so we assume they have no test.
  3. We need to endure our tests with sabr (patience), duas and carry on with our lives. Otherwise, forget trials killing us, our own mindset will kill us.
  4. Deen is what Nabi ﷺ explained to us not what our logic tells us.
  5. The jalwa (greatness) of Allah will bring such halwa (sweetness) into our lives, that we will not be able to think of anyone else.
  6. More important than the bounty of Allah (i.e His presence) is the bounty of remembrance of Allah.
  7. When we are allowed to serve Allah’s deen then this is due to His favour and bounty upon us. It is never due to our knowledge or expertise.
  8. Shi’ism is designed to make people murtad (i.e disbelievers) without them even knowing it.
  9. Allah looks at the heart, not the presentation. We cannot judge anyone’s heart. So only Allah knows whose speech is more accepted in His sight.
  10. There are many stones in the world but very few diamonds. Amongst students of deen it is the same. Some just go through the motions, whilst others give due respect and regard to their studies. All will receive the same certificate but Allah will then choose the diamonds to serve His deen.
  11. Israaf (extravagance) is buying things one does not need, with money one does not have, to impress people whom one may not even like.
  12. The worship you do when you feel spiritually weak is in actual fact sincere, true, worship as it is being done solely for Allah. This could be a test from Him to check whether you are His slave or a slave of feelings. If you are His slave, then you will continue.
  13. Sins are like quicksand. A person may think he is on top of things but in reality, he is sinking.
  14. Imitate Nabi ﷺ the beloved of Allah, and you too will become beloved to Allah.
  15. Hazrat Ml. Hakeem Akhtar رحمة الله عليه said that the hearts of the awliya (friends of Allah) like waterproof watches, become ‘harm proof’. They have their own set of problems but they handle it with rida bil Qadha (contentment with decree). We try to fight our fate, they accept it.
  16. Home is where the heart is. One is our physical home. But for a Muslim, our spiritual home is in the lap of Nabi ﷺ in Madina Munawwarah.
  17. The lifestyle the west spews out is a lifestyle orchestrated by shaytan.
  18. Look forward to every day as it brings opportunity to earn the currency of the hereafter.
  19. The more respect we show to anyone connected to deen, the more Allah will bless us with the noor and knowledge of His deen.
  20. Allah is not just the provider of milk and bread. He is the provider of everything, whether it is our spiritual needs or physical needs.
  21. We have to make fana of this ana, Annihilate this sense of “I” and “me”. Life is not about me. It is about my Allah. What does Allah want? That is what I must do.
  22. Shaytan wants to take people into the frying pan of Jahanum (hell). So like the fisherman, he uses a bait to catch people. This bait is called ghaflat (heedlessness).
  23. It is much easier to please the one Allah than trying to please a thousand humans. So be good and kind to all, but keep your gaze on Allah.
  24. The divers go to the depths of the ocean with tons of water around them, but not a single drop enters their waterproof watch. In the same way, if we acquire the sweetness of Imaan (faith), we will live through thousands of fitnas but not a single drop will enter our hearts.
  25. Regardless of whether we are overweight or underweight, what we need to focus on is the pan of good deeds on the day of Judgement. That must be weighty.
  26. People laugh at men whose wives have them wrapped around their fingers. Yet, we ignore that shaytan has us wrapped around his fingers! When a beautiful woman walks by he says, “Look” and we say, “Where?” He says, “Jump” and we ask, “How high?” (May Allah save us)
  27. The reality is, we are all dying. Whatever life we have left, we must accumulate the maximum amount of virtuous deeds with sincerity.
  28. The zina of the eyes will take away the enjoyment we are supposed to get from our wives. He who is immorally lustful will never be contented.
  29. Time is running out, death is our Qiyamah. So take deen seriously. We earn a living, but don’t we need to start earning our Jannah?
  30. Every Sunnah is like a precious pearl. So if we want Allah to be happy and impressed with us, we must adorn ourselves with this Sunnah.
  31. If Allah’s law is being broken, stand up immediately and firmly, especially if you are expected to break Allah’s law too.
  32. Shaytan cannot inject his evil whisperings or poison the heart engaged in dhikrullah (the remembrance of Allah) because “Verily, the plot of shaytan is weak.” (4:76)
  33. When we fathers will never put our sons against an enemy they can not fight, do you think Allah will put us against an enemy that we can not defeat? “Verily, the plot of shaytan is weak.” (4:76)
  34. How can a girl living in a house with her father/brothers, wear tight jeans? How can a father look at her figure? Where has our shame gone?
  35. Love moves mountains. Sacrifice for Allah, drink from the goblet of His love at Tahajjud time, and its sweetness will enter your heart.
  36. This knowledge of Allah is transferred from heart to heart. It is not acquired through just books and reading.
  37. Lavish weddings in big halls totally goes against the grain of simplicity encouraged in deen.
  38. The means (cars, money e.t.c) will not give you peace. It is the creator of the means that will give you peace to your heart – Allah.
  39. Our first madrassa is the lap of our mother. If she creates a deeni environment at home, her whole family will be deeni. This is her forte.
  40. The more respect we show to others, the more humility will enter our hearts.
  41. Studying deen is not just going through the motions and qualifying. The noor of this knowledge should create fikr (a concern) in our hearts.
  42. Deen is not established and promoted through harshness. It was always through kindness, wisdom and gentleness.
  43. We do not have to break the laws of Allah in order to serve His deen. What sense is there in establishing His laws, by breaking it?
  44. Intoxication does not only come in the form of wine bottles or drugs. It comes in the form of wealth. Of pain. Of materialistic things.
  45. The highest form of piety is the sunnah of Nabi ﷺ. This sunnah encourages moderation, no form of piety is higher than it.
  46. Tread the path of deen with caution. Do not play Russian roulette with your deen, as you do not know when your Imaan will get shot.
  47. Photography is a door that our akaabireen (our elders or pious predecessors) closed, so keep it closed.
  48. The poverty of the soul is lack of dhikr (remembrance of Allah).
  49. Ya Allah! Before the garment of kafn (shroud for the deceased) is wrapped around our bodies, let us wrap our hearts with the garment of taqwa (the fear of Allah)!
  50. Allah has blessed Islamic scholars with knowledge that we do not have. So respect them for the knowledge they possess, not for their actions.
  51. The Angel of death can come uninvited, swiftly and at any moment. So we must be ready for him at any moment, by avoiding sin.
  52. Air hostesses dress immodestly to please the airline and earn a salary, so why can’t we dress modestly to please Allah and earn Jannah?
  53. Knowledge is transferred from lap to lap and from heart to heart.
  54. Many people are going through financial problems, yet their pride does not allow them to live a simple lifestyle.
  55. Every airport has an arrival and departure. Likewise is this world. We have all arrived, now we must prepare for our departure.
  56. Always listen to your parents at all costs except one cost; when their request goes against the grain of what Allah has instructed.
  57. A real man is not one who has biceps or wears a pink shirt. It is he who prays 5 times in the masjid. Only women pray salah at home.
  58. Nowadays we go gymming and drink protein shakes or red bull for energy. In the prophetic era, nabeez was the ultimate energy drink! Drinking nabeez is sunnah. It is made by soaking dates in water overnight, and drinking that water in the morning.
  59. True loyalty is obeying Allah in times of hardship. Who’s saying I want the shores? I am enjoying the sweetness of worship in the storm.
  60. We must keep our gaze on the mashaikh (scholars) because they have their gaze on the Sunnah. But that does not make their mistakes shariah.
  61. When our minds become clouded with worry we must remember, every good and bad that happens is predestined. So why are we stressing? Trust Allah.
  62. In the company of Ulama (Islamic scholars) the light of knowledge is acquired.
  63. We (i.e. the Ulama) have the torch of knowledge but we keep it off. We must switch it on and sacrifice for deen. Otherwise who will show the light?
  64. A Muslim was created by Allah, believes in Allah and talks to Him. How can we then trouble, dispute and argue with one who bows his head to Allah? Be kind.
  65. Many people want to see the rise of Islam, yet they are unable to rise before sunrise for Fajr Salah.
  66. Is digital photography permissible? Some Ulama say yes and some say no. Safest option? Stay out of it! Why go into that grey area of doubt?
  67. Nabi ﷺ called Musailama a liar when he claimed prophethood. We must also voice what is wrong and stand up for the haqq (the truth).
  68. Where and how we pass away is out of our control, but what amal (deeds) we make today is in our control! So worry about what is important – amal.
  69. If a person doing wrong wants you to respect their view then they must respect your walking out. Deen is deen. Do what is right, stand up for the haqq.
  70. Allah will take us close to breaking point but not to breaking point. He will never break us. Such is the test of life.
  71. Always hate and look down on the sin, not the sinner because we are unaware of what worship that sinner may be making in the dead of night.
  72. Have hope in Allah’s mercy but not to the extent that it leads to transgression. Fear Allah but no to the extent that it leads to depression.
  73. The same thing that stopped shaytan from worship, is often the same thing that stops us from worship – arrogance.
  74. We tell our children off when they do not listen to us but ask yourself, how many things does Allah tell us to do, yet we are not listening?
  75. Music is the voice of Shaytan.
  76. The trap of Shaytan is that he makes us worry over the things we cannot control, rather than the things we can control.
  77.  Some Ulama dedicate their lives to teaching deen. Years go by, yet they are still teaching and manufacturing Ulama. Treasure them while you can.
  78. Our first madrassa is the lap of our mother. Before the child goes to maktab, she should make the home a maktab.
  79. Talk to Allah. Cry. Build a relationship with Allah. What is better than a lover talking to the beloved? We are lovers. Allah is the beloved.
  80. Ya Allah, cause the winds of your guidance to blow in the four corners of the world.
  81. A bad deed cannot become good because of a good intention. A bad deed is a bad deed.
  82. The only haram thing that is halal and rewarding for us to swallow is anger.
  83. The Sahaaba رضي الله عنهم had such love for Allah, when they would engage in worship everything else would fade into oblivion. Such was their devotion.
  84. Your only real, true friend is Allah and the human who loves you the most is the Prophet ﷺ, so keep them close.
  85. We think we know our children, yet Allah has knowledge of even the number of eyelashes they have. Such is the depth of His knowledge, attachment and love for us.
  86. How we die is not in our control. Worry about how you live and Allah will take care of how you die.
  87. Nikah (marriage) is worship. You took Allah’s name along with the hand of your wife. So make shukr (express gratitude), bear her faults, she will bear yours and live together.
  88. If Shaytan can give people enjoyment in sin, don’t you think Allah will give you enjoyment in worship?
  89. If a spouse is being disloyal, who is he being disloyal to? He is being disloyal to Allah first. We can duck and dive from people but not from Allah.
  90. Our problems will never be greater than Allah. So in difficult times take His name – الله الله الله الله الله, it will give you peace.
  91. Saying “My heart is clean” to avoid following deen is a deception from shaytan. We should have an open heart and accept when we are wrong.
  92. This life will not matter when you go down 6 feet under. “The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception.” (Quran, 57:20)
  93. If desires plague the mind, ignore them. Do not contemplate over them otherwise, it will become an issue and then we will need tissues.
  94. We should not worry too much about dreams. What is important is our actions while we are awake, as this is what we will be judged upon.
  95. Focus on yourself first, then others because the world has not been made your responsibility. Your spiritual reformation is your responsibility.
  96. If we are weak in knowledge then we should consult and follow the lama. Some people may call you a blind follower but that does not matter. Carry on.
  97. Ya Allah! Press the ‘delete’ button on all our sins!
  98. Saying Salam is a dua. So when Nabi ﷺ replies to our Salam in the Roza Mubarak, we are a recipient of His dua at that time.
  99. A person can do many acts of worship, but if he misses the faraidh (compulsory acts), he will never attain closeness to Allah. The faraidh must be done first.
  100. Allah is the one who heals the broken hearts of His servants. Turn to Allah and Allah will heal you. 

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