Guarding the Gaze

Nabi ﷺ said that the person who guards against the temptation of casting lustful glances, Allah will grant him the sweetness of Imaan.

In our current era, it has become extremely easy to become involved in the sin of casting lustful glances. If one skims through a newspaper or what used to be regarded as ‘family magazines’, one will become overawed by the amount of near pornographic material that is available. The reality is – we no longer see this as a problem, due to the frequency and availability of such material.

There are so many other types of sins, but why is it that the sweetness of Imaan is so closely related to guarding against lustful glances (as stated in the hadith)?

This is due to a few reason. Firstly, sometimes when we avoid a sin, it is because our circumstances do not allow it. For example, a person who wants to commit the act of adultery, a willing partner is required and some logistical arrangements need to be made. If a person does not have a partner or arrangements then he cannot commit this sin. So it could be said that he abstained due to the inconvenience (not out of sincere desire to please Allah).

However on the other hand, in the act of casting lustful glances, no willing partner is required. The secrecy of this sin is such that there is no physical evidence to prove it, most people may not notice, but Allah sees and knows. Therefore, the abstention from this sin can only be attributed to the person’s love and fear of Allah, and his high level of sincerity.

Secondly, for every other worship Allah has stipulated a reward. However for fasting Allah has mentioned Himself as the reward. Why? Because worship tends to have a physical form that people can see…e.g movement in prayers and hajj. But fasting has no form for people to see, so it’s a sincere act done only for Allah, leading to its great reward. Similarly protecting ones gaze is only for Allah, hence the tremendous virtue in it.

– Hazrat Ml. Dawood Seedat حفظه الله


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    Nowadays we see that everywhere we turn, there is something to ogle at – be it the Nike advert with Cristiano Ronaldo on it, the suggested Instagram pictures that may portray indecent girls, or just ‘that guy’ from the school next door that every girl just dies for his attention. For girls, we aren’t only faced with the Fitnah of looking at male celebs, but also of females. How many times have you been to the mall and seen girls wearing ‘bum shorts?’ It is shocking but in today’s time we females have to guard our gaze against the Awrah of girls too! And yes, it is difficult, but the reward for abstinence is greater than the sacrifice. Think of it as developing a hobby or academic record. You’ll stay up all night studying, or spend every spare minute on the soccer field or on your phone recording your debate, but why? Because there is a bigger picture. In the same way, we will have to sacrifice, because sacrifice is an inevitable part of success, but in the long run we will gain fountains of blessings in the Aakhirah.


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